About Peak Profile

Peak Profile was created to help our customers stay focussed on their business whilst we navigate the new social media driven world. We built our own businesses on social media, so we want to help as many of our customers achieve the same goals.

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Why choose Peak Profile?

  • Customised 360 degree approach to social media
  • Initial strategy development and comprehensive planning
  • Dedicated community manager
  • Guidance every step of the journey
  • Content creation and posting of pre-approved content for you
  • Monthly retainer (no minimum term lock in contracts)
  • Continuous communication
  • Performance reports

Mission Statement

To help our clients leverage social media to drive business growth.

Why do I need a social media presence?

Your personal brand and your business need to be seen to be relevant. Traditionally, print or radio media was the pathway to relevance but the ability to specifically target using social media channels means it is far more effective than the traditional channels which are hit and miss.Check out the following statistics:
• 90 million LinkedIn users are senior-level managers with over 63 million in decision-making positions.
• 66% of Facebook users follow, at least, one brand on the platform.
• 90% of Instagram users follow, at least, one business on the platform.
• 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about one brand after they’re tweet has been replied to.

Peak Profile will help you stand out from the myriad of competitors.

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• Real results achieved for all clients
• We make use of our in-house talent – we do not outsource!
• We own the customised process

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Peak Profile Back Story

When Peak Capital founder Peter Nicolaou wanted to grow his business he turned to the talents of Peak Profile to assist him. Peter now has 30,000+ strong, genuine, direct and targeted community to whom he engages with on a regular basis.

This has led to his mortgage broking business having sustained and spiralling growth. Peter saw the power of strategic social media and became an owner of Peak Profile to assist others to grow their own profiles and businesses.

Since our inception, we’ve helped our clients achieve the following feats:

• Identify their target audience and increase brand awareness.
• Help businesses form a vibrant community that’s built on strong relationships with followers.
• Generate an average of 5X ROI on social media investments.

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